Search Opportunities Engage for BCL Technologies

SEM for BCL Technologies by addtwelve - main results
Search Opportunities Engage is a form of Search Engine Marketing - a combination of Search Engine Optimization and Paid Per Click activities, that is designed to get the traffic to a website from search engines. The major focus stays on organic traffic (earned one). Even in theory it might take up to 3 months to increase a website ranking and to list it in 1st SERP. Thus paid search is used to fulfill that gap and then to maintain a website presence in SERP.

A lot of digital marketing professionals recommend using SEO to get the maximum traffic and maximum exposure, and to gain traffic for the most important keywords. On the other side, Paid Search (PPC) should be used for the additional keywords, rather than using each for the same search terms. Once the SEO campaign starts showing results, using SEO and PPC in tandem can lead to powerful performance.

However, addtwelve's team believes that those two tools should support each other by reinforcing advantages and eliminating disadvantages. SEO remains a key part of a digital marketing strategy thereby it has to be used as a base and starting point for any digital marketing activity.

BCL Technologies, who knows PDF inside out, had the challenge to get more leads for its PDF SDK by increasing the volume of relevant traffic on their website -

addtwelve's and BCL's teams determined a list of the most important keywords - intents and software capabilities that prospects were searching on Google. As the second step, addtwelve analyzed the traffic volume for all of those keywords and then conducted an SEO audit of BCL's website to find the optimal way of getting to the first page of the organic search results. Some keywords required to review content, but others needed additional backlinks.

Our digital marketing agency paid a lot of attention to content creation and its distribution on the internet. In less than 3 months we created other 150 backlinks to from high authority domains, that were relevant to the client's website.

To get traffic fast and optimize the content on the website we started PPC campaign for top-50 keywords. It helped us to conduct several experiments and find the best structure for the content that could generate leads (SDK downloads) as well as rank the webpage higher in SERP.  In a few months addtwelve enhanced average CTR by 39%, and Cost per Download was reduced by 386% compared to previous SEM campaigns. Finally, Cost per Lead coming from paid search went down to $25.

In addition to the website's optimization (tagging, loading speed increase, content restructuring, UX improvement, etc), our digital marketing team created several new websites to get referral traffic to the main one. We also syndicated BCL's content on popular software sites and published over one hundred unique articles related to PDF technologies on the web. On behalf of BCL, we also developed and started the blog that as of now contains a collection of exclusive manuals on PDF manipulation and data extraction. As a result of Search Engine Optimization and Content Syndication, search engines had appreciated as an important tool and source of information for PDF developers. For a long time, the site was ranked #1 for such queries as PDF SDK, PDF API, and online PDF converter. The content from also stayed in the Google features snippet until the end of our cooperation and even longer.

addtwelve Digital Marketing has deserved a reputation of an expert in Search Opportunities Engagement, and our entire team is ready to use all its capabilities to help your business to achieve the goal in a short term, same way we did it for BCL.


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