Social Media Campaign for Niche Retail Chain

Social Media Campaign Management for Retail Chain
Green Freak (GF) is a niche northern California-based retail chain of cannabis shops found in 2017. That is the place where each customer is treated equally well. Its clients like its convenient locations in SFBA, prices, and quality of the goods. Most of them associate the brand with a mix of romantic, adventure, relaxation, nature in general, moreover with the best customer service and excellent quality. In 2018 Green Freak started offering its odor-free vaporizer that also made the brand different from others.

GF was weak in social media communications and had no Social Media presence at all, but since it started selling some goods online it needed that the most.

To hit the goal of the retail chain, addtwelve conducted a competitive analysis, came up with a list of well-suited social media platform and proposed to use multiple contests and prize-drawings on each social media to attract and engage the audience.

The agency discovered that 67% of GF's customers used SM. That is why this channel was found as an opportunity to improving customer relations, keep an eye on the competitors, and drive traffic to the website.

Not long ago, businesses considered social media as a passing trend. Nowadays, many businesses understand that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It was up to 3.77 billion internet users and over 2.8 billion active social media users in 2018. These amounts are huge so social media can provide businesses with better brand awareness than any other traditional marketing channel.

Our team has developed a digital marketing campaign that used Facebook and Instagram to generate online sales and lead customers to the stores. We have determined a list of the most impactful tags and keywords. Medical properties of marijuana; marijuana-therapy; romantic and adventure stories were used as content topics to attract the audience. Stunning romantic pictures with cannabis involved were published on Instagram 2 times a week.

In addition to that, adtwelve proposed to publish recipes with cannabis as the main ingredient and store products on Pinterest to drive traffic to the website.

As a result, the local awareness of the brand on social media has raised by 600% in a few quarters. Over 2,800 products were sold through a social media campaign. 4,5K new clients have visited GF's stores.

addtwelve's team is modern, energetic and highly care about its customers' success. We are full of ideas to support business growth and would like to be some of use for you too.

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