We Expertise in

Website Development

We do fresh, functional, and mobile-ready websites that will help your business reach all of its goals.

Website Performance Analysis

The analysis gives us a clear understanding of how good your website performs and how to make it better.

Search Engine Optimization

We can make your website to be found on the search engines, which will lead to a long-term stream of visitors.

Search Engine Marketing

addtwelve is skilled to manage any pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Whether you are an e-commerce or lead gen company, we will keep your ROI on track.

Email marketing

Our specialists use this extremely effective approach to reach out to your customers, do more up-sales and increase lifetime customer value.

Account-based Marketing

addtwelve can leverage a set of modern digital marketing tools with key account marketing strategy to acquire the accounts which our clients' business needs.

Essential Steps in Our Works

addtwelve Digital Marketing agency performs the promotion process in four steps approach that is transparent and designed to accomplish the marketing mission of our client.
  • 1. SWOT Analysis

    We always begin the project with SWOT analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses, find out other brands the business compete with.

  • 2. Strategy Development

    Our team develop effective meaningful advertising materials and determine efficient media vehicles to achieve the marketing goals of our customer.

  • 3. Campaign Initiation

    The agency and the client determine the budget. Then we lunch the campaign, the client starts receiving traffic as well as leads which it needs.

  • 4. Report & Optimization

    addtwelve reports to the client regularly, we employ additional solutions to maintain high-grade performance and cost-effectiveness of the campaign.

    Goal Orientation, Real Transparency & Global Approach

    Our international digital marketing services are established to let your business go off-limits.
    addtwelve's team has already performed many diverse projects in various industries which led to our customers' success.

    Meet The Team

    Proficient digital marketing experts with a wide skill set who perform awesome projects to achieve promotional goals.
    Andrey from addtwelve Digital Marketing
    Search Opportunities Engagement Expert

    Certified professional in search engine optimization, search engine marketing and digital analytics.

    Web Designer

    Skillful designer of web sites and other marketing materials who do the job to accomplish client's mission.

    Displays Advertising Specialist

    A recognized expert in digital advertising, brand awareness increasing and social media marketing.

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