Social Media Strategy for Student Rental Project

SMM strategy for Student Rental Project by addtwelve
In March 2018 addtwelve has developed Advance Social Media Strategy for small size student housing and placement firm. The major purpose of that business was to provide young professionals and international students with the turnkey living solution - high-quality residential property, long-term rental service and a nutrition.  This real estate project, based in central Santa Clara, helps international students by providing them with the best and the most comfortable accommodation in Silicon Valley with all-inclusive services as low as $1.5K / month.

addtwelve drew up social media strategy based on several marketing personas and their journey through Awareness, Consideration and Decision stages. Further, the strategy was implemented on YouTube (the most effective social media to reach the audience and engage it later on). As it was said, video has become very much a significant part of the future of marketing for real estate agents and brokers, as it has proven (and continues to prove) to help industry pros’ lead generation, nurturing, and conversion abilities — and it all begins and ends with a single, powerful video marketing medium.

Major S.M.A.R.T. goals that addtwelve Digital Marketing agency has proposed and achieved were:
1. Generating at least 2 videos per week and increase the number of Views up to 800 per video within 3 months, or receiving 23,200 views in total;
2. Getting at least 5,000 subscribers to the company’s channel on Youtube within 3 months.

In pursuit of awareness addtwelve has implemented a CPV campaign (in Search) to engage all marketing personas with content relevant to their needs and intents. Next, several Remarketing CPV campaigns were designed to help marketing personas pass-through Consideration and Decision stages, that also supported getting traffic to the website for lead generation purposes. Over 25 videos were developed and published to engage the prospects on YouTube.

The entire social media strategy has helped our customer getting 10+ new tenants in 3 months with CPV < $0.2 and ROMI > 150%.

addtwelve Digital Marketing agency stays here to support business in archiving their goals on the web. Let us know about your challenges, we are happy to use all of our knowledge and skills to assist you in reaching the goal cost-effectively.

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