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Email / Direct Marketing for Netsecop by addtwelve - main results
Direct marketing is a form of marketing communications, where a company communicates directly to a prospect (pre-selected potential client or a customer) furthermore it supplies a method for a direct response. In some cases (depends on the goal), when the audience is very narrow and the product is complicated, direct marketing can be one of the most effective methods due to the results can be clearly measurable. Such communication can take many different formats: postal mail, telemarketing, point of sale / personal selling, etc. Direct email marketing stays among them and most commonly used by SMB.

Netsecop is a Silicon Valley-based start-up expertise in Internet security consultancy. Its services include Website Vulnerability Fix Guidance as well as Malware and Blacklist Removal. Netsecop executes in-depth manual security analysis of the website. In addition to that its software as a service implements thorough analysis and cleaning of websites without changing legitimate content, does OWASP top ten security checks, and finally, it realizes mobile application penetration test, not only for the application in-store but also in production. Netsecop competes with such market leader as McAfee and has an excellent reputation among its customers.

In November 2017 addtwelve's team received a request from Netsecop's CEO to generate more SAL (sales acceptable leads) via digital marketing channels in a short term. Our team analyzed the product, its values, and segment the target audience according to the needs. We found out that the most active audience had several problems in common. Their websites had already been blacklisted or affected by malware. It is easy to say that such an audience had a very serious, time-sensitive issue. When the website is blacklisted by search engines its organic search ranking decreases significantly. No more traffic is coming from such an important source, no more clients, no more revenue and finally all of these will affect stakeholders' personal income.

Netsecop conducted the research to check if businesses in the USA are affected by internet threats and formed a list of extremely vulnerable websites, infected by malware. addtwelve ran direct marketing campaign via email and social media to inform business owners about the threat they had and propose the turn-key solution. Our copywriter designed several messages targeted to different audiences, each one had a short description of the issue, pieces of evidence, and the value proposition. Over 27% of messages were replied back and the enormous volume of sales opportunities was received by Netsecop's team. In 2 months term, the campaign has also increased the traffic on our client's website and generated several leads via the web.

That digital marketing campaign was a good example of direct marketing effectiveness in a short period of time. Though the most important part was to find the main problem of the audience and do a proper segmentation to address all needs effectively.

Keep in mind that addtwelve Digital Marketing team is here to achieve small and medium business goals. We would be glad to work with your company together to increase your sales. Feel free to contact us right now.

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