Ad Hoc Solutions

Ad-hoc solutions for small business by addtwelve

Let us be your promoter...

... who can manage the entire marketing activity of your company

If you are a small business manager, you do not need to struggle through a tedious briefings and waste time reviewing oblique ideas or consider all the opportunities offered by online advertising. addtwelve's team has already analyzed many types of marketing services that small businesses really need and packed them into one ready-to-use solution.

Our goal is to help small players be the leading players.

At addtwelve Digital Marketing agency, we understand and know how heavy it is to be a business developer, salesperson and marketing manager all rolled into one. We have set a special service for small business owners and entrepreneurs – business marketing outsourcing. Our team is ready to manage your business promotion 24 hours and 7 days a week just like we were staying in the same office.

What fits your needs better: having your own marketing team on payroll or getting a whole division of marketing professionals and paying for their service when needed?

We are happy to announce our small business program that let entrepreneurs to be charged by the agency per consultation, it uses fixed-price terms for design projects, strategy developing and research.

Ready to discuss the terms today?

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