Email Marketing

Email Marketing considers being an essential part of lead nurturing and primary software downloads generator for most businesses. That top digital media channel is important for customers' acquisition and retention too. addtwelve Digital Marketing agency pays extra attention to that service. We are aimed to support our customers in converting their leads into closed deals.

Based on SmartInsights 2018 research, email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, that beats out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

addtwele's team helps its customers in developing and managing cost-effective email marketing campaigns, including:
  • Acquiring the database of potential customers or leads and getting permission to touch them with an email;
  • Following leads through with great content that fits their needs;
  • Analyzing and segmenting the audience based on performance, including the engagement and response rates;
  • Generating sales qualified leads (SQL) via well-targeted and personalized types of emails.

Feel free to reach the team of our experts out right away and discuss how email marketing can serve the purposes of your business.

Get to know more about such a great digital promotion tool as email marketing. Check the content below to understand what email marketing is, its benefits, email KPIs and more.

What is email marketing?

Let's start with a definition of email marketing. addtwelve's experts affirm that email marketing is a form of interaction with prospects or clients via the promotion of the content by email as a primary channel.

Wikipedia states that...
Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Hence, email marketing is nothing but a way of promoting products or services through email. However, it can serve some additional purposes like traffic generation or moving the lead down the sales funnel.

Pros and cons of email marketing

Email can be the best form of communication with clients. Only if it is not overused, of course. The marketing of products or services by email can be a fast, flexible and cost-effective way. Though, there are certain pros and cons of email marketing as a channel.

The important benefits of email marketing are:

1. Cost-effectiveness. There are no advertising fees for email, printing or media space costs. Overall spends can be much lower than many other forms of communication.
2. Scalability. Email marketing campaigns can reach large audiences as well as smaller targeted lists.
3. Personalization and segmentation. The messages can and should be personalized. The marketing list can be segmented. Thus, the customers receive messages they are interested in and stay engaged.
4. Measurability. The success of a campaign can be evaluated by web analytics software. A/B tests can be made. This helps to optimize future campaigns for better performance.
5. Less obtrusiveness. Email marketing is the best alternative to telemarketing. Recipients read the message at a time that suits them.

It is important to add that any email marketing campaign needs to be permission-based and the marketing list should be made up of people who have actively chosen to receive email communication from the business. Otherwise, most benefits to be devastated.

The disadvantages of email marketing:

1. Irritation or spam problem. The majority of commercial emails irritate consumers. It is important that the email marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules, and that it is properly targeted at people who want to receive it.
2. Undelivered emails. Emails that contain certain spam keywords or characters in the subject heading or content of the email are usually filtered out by email software and internet service providers.
3. Common design problems. The message (email) better be designed to appear correctly across multiple devices, apps and email providers. All images and files need to be small enough to download quickly.

In addition to that, with no doubts, a successful email campaign requires a lot of resources and skills, professional support is needed. If a company does not have the time or skills in-house, these elements need to be outsource.

addtwelve is pleased to ensure businesses with the right copy development, doing design and forming a marketing list.

Email marketing strategies by addtwelve

Our team follows several basic principles to make sure that email marketing can achieve client goals and every approach to be cost-effective.

Subscribers audience segmentation. The email campaigns become much more targeted to the audience if the database is segmented properly.

Messages personalization. We use customer (lead) data to create a personalized message and to address his actual needs.

Mobile-friendliness of emails. In pursuit of improvement of the email performance, our content makers implement responsive email design, keep the subject line and pre-header short, and make sure that the CTA is big and obvious.

A/B testing. Before starting the campaign, we send several variations made to the subject line to a small sample of subscribers to calculate the response rate we could expect to receive based on the results. The best performing message or theme is selected that way to drive the whole email marketing campaign. addtwelve also tests such email elements as from address, Plain text vs HTML content, long vs short copies.

Reasonable email automation. Trigger-based emails are sent out automatically based on user behavior, and perform much better than tradition emails. It is important to set the right trigger. Good examples are product activation, "win-back" offer, and a gift for loyalty. Our experts make sure the context is relevant to the trigger and optimized for better performance.

Email marketing KPIs

In our practice, we monitor such email marketing campaign metrics and KPIs as... 
1. Open rate that tracks how many subscribers opened the email;
2. Click-through rate or CTR that measures how many people clicked on the links in the email;
3. Conversion rate that assesses how many people clicked on the link and then completed a desirable action;
4. Number of unsubscribes - quantity of people unsubscribed upon receiving an email;
5. Spam complaints - a rate that ensures quality and tracks spam complaints;
6. Email sharing rate can measure the percentage of recipients who either shared the post via social media or forwarded it to a friend;
7. Engagement over time gives the information on the best times of day to send messages;
8. Overall ROI - a general metric that states the overall return on investment for an entire marketing campaign.

Top-5 email marketing tools

In conclusion, let's take a look at some of the most popular email marketing service providers and tools. At addthwelve we are familiar with and use some of the following email marketing services.

1. Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest-growing email marketing platforms in the world that comes with a long list of features.
2. Mailchimp. Marketing automation platform to promote business values and keep clients' retention rate higher.
3. SendInBlue. SaaS solution for relationship marketing that triggers a transactional email best of all.
4. Sender considers being one of the best free email marketing tools in the US with useful features to ensure deliverability.
5. UniSender. This simple email and SMS marketing service is the most popular in eastern Europe. It provides good integrate with popular CMS and CRM platforms.

Give us okay to discuss email marketing strategy at your company

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