Copywriting and Content Development

Copywriting and Content Development are the core production services that are used by addtwelve to achieve its customers' goals. In the days of informational entropy, we face a huge noise volume especially on the Internet, that is why any message needs to be properly coded by the business and decrypted by the audience to share their values suitably.

addtwelve's team works with words on a daily basis, our expert adapts their writing talent to meet our client's needs. They are capable of understanding, connecting and writing for multiple audiences to influence people's behavior through the content. Their skills can alter the style of writing from client to client and from project to project.

Our digital marketing agency's team is eager to provide creative ideas or concepts for your business. We also take the client's idea and give it substance, direction and content.

Would you like to learn more about copywriting and content development? Reach our team straightaway at +1 (669) 200 94 40 or so we can begin handling the content needs of your business. In addition to that, the following information stays here to give some ideas on the definition and use-cases of copywriting.

What is copywrite and copy write?

Copywrite refers to writing a copy that is considered the process of writing the words that promote a person, business, opinion, or idea.

Wikipedia provides us with the following definition of Copywriting:
Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Copywriting is inherently used on the Internet for content marketing and web development purposes. It also serves search engine marketing and search engine optimization goals.

Copywriting vs. copyrigh

On one hand, copywriting is a modern word, that expresses the content written for promotional purposes. On the other hand, a copyright is a noun that means legal, exclusive ownership of written word, song, or scripts. Hence, copywriting serves marketing objectives, while copyright stays for legal purposes.

Areas of copywriting

Content is developed by copywriters in a variety of areas including:

Marketing and Advertising. Copywriting enables ads, displays, marketing collateral, landing pages, and other online copy.

Public relations that cover any communications with customers, employees, prospects or the general public.

Speech Writing - developing scripts of speeches for business functions, special events, political functions, and executive meetings.

Broadcasting commonly directed by the copywriter in radio ads, commercials, video or audio scripts that support recruiting, training, and fundraising.

Technical Material is highly demanded today, it usually includes the reports, technical papers, training manuals, instruction manuals, data sheets, and another manner of technical documentation.

What content serves your purposes?

The process of content development consists of researching, producing, and publishing information to accomplish the mission. In terms of digital marketing, that mission is either be to build a strong relationship with an audience or to boost sales and marketing outcomes.

Our experts are ready to consult you or work with your business to developing its content strategy, as well as creating the deliverables. You might be just a few minutes away from starting engaging your potential clients with cost-effective content marketing. Make an appointment with us now to influence the growth of your business in prospect.