Account-based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a modern business-to-business (B2B) approach that is used by addtwelve Digital Marketing team to support its customer's sales team in engaging and closing large target accounts.

Sales and marketing resources are concentrated on several meaningful accounts within a specific market. Our experts support the business-to-business companies to run account-based marketing at scale to get an increase in sales closure rate.

addtwelve Digital Marketing agency provides a wide range of B2B marketing services which are based on contemporary ABM technologies. We are happy to work with your sales and marketing team to align their efforts, identify the most important accounts, and develop consequent tactics to engage those accounts with a well-targeted and meaningful message.

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Account-based marketing definition

Briefly speaking, account-based marketing is a method of marketing that utilizes highly targeted, well-personalized campaigns to acquire over particular accounts (or businesses).

Account-based marketing is considered as the technology-based b2b sales and marketing approach around high-quality accounts (or companies) to influence their multiple stakeholders with a meaningful message to support sales efforts. Instead of attracting only one person at one company, ABM tactics engage several prospects working at the same business.

According to Wikipedia:
Account-based marketing, also known as key account marketing, is a strategic approach to business marketing based on account awareness in which an organization considers and communicates with individual prospect or customer accounts as markets of one. Account-based marketing is typically employed in enterprise-level sales organizations. While business marketing is typically organized by industry, product/solution or channel (direct/social/PR), account-based marketing brings all of these together to focus on individual accounts. As markets become increasingly commoditized, customers see little or no difference between suppliers and their competitors, with price as the only obvious differentiators.

Benefits of account-based marketing

Nowadays ABM helps to align sales and marketing efforts, increase the retention rate, get more sales wins, and it delivers a higher ROMI for B2B companies.

More than that, the major benefits of account-based marketing are:
  • Sales process acceleration;
  • Better offer personalization;
  • Cost efficiency of advertising campaigns;
  • Efficient use of marketing resources;
  • Improved customer acquisition process;
  • Sales-Marketing Effort Synchronization;
  • Better Reporting.

In addition to these benefits, B2B marketers should also take into account that ABM frees up resources that could previously have been wasted. Important marketing resources are focused on several accounts that are most likely to be close.

Account-based marketing process 

Our account-based marketing strategies match the following process: 
1. Target accounts selection. Together with your business development team, we create marketing personas - members of the buying center, and form a list of target accounts you want to go after; 
2. Account intelligence collection. We identify challenges, opportunities, and solutions you can pitch. 
3. Offer development and promotion. Based on collected insights we develop the right offer for each marketing persona and set the powerful mix of channels to deliver it. Awareness lever is increasing among your top accounts on that stage. As a result, qualified leads are generated. 
4. Lead nurturing. As soon as leads are received we score them and start nurturing them with the appropriate message and the proper cadence. We keep your accounts engaged, so your sales team can also start touching those accounts effectively. 
5. Sales opportunities generation. We help the sales team to convert qualified leads into opportunities and to close target accounts with ABM.

addtwelve's team of certified and trained experts can help your business to analyze and improve your B2B marketing efforts. Make an appointment now so we can develop the right ABM approach that saves your time and budget.

ABM tactics commonly used

As it said, the account-based marketing strategy begins with marketing personas development within a list of target accounts and then identifying marketing programs that can be personalized to those prospects on the channels that are most impactful to them.

Here is a list of examples of how our ABM experts developed account-based marketing programs.

Online advertising

Search engine marketing, display ads as well as paid social media are used to engage target accounts on the web. Social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook allow us to target specific companies and personas. Modern ABM tools tailor the display campaigns to focus on a handful of target accounts instead of pitching to a broad audience.

Personalized web campaign

We develop personalized inbound marketing campaigns to increase awareness and drive traffic to a website via SEM and display. After the account reaches the website, addtwelve uses website personalization technology to create a tailored, account-specific experience for target prospects.

Email Campaigns

Email is an important marketing channel for lead nurturing and it is also used in ABM. The account-based email marketing approach is based on marketing automation. Moreover it requires crafting tailored email messages for each account and persona.

Digital events and webinars

In-person event is the most successful opportunity for the sales teams to convince decision-makers. ABM approach helps to identify key prospects and personalized invitations, gifts plus follow-up after the event. ABM allows customizing webinars for target accounts as well. All digital events and follow-up can be tailored for specific businesses. It requests to design content with the target audience in mind.

Account-based marketing tools

Frankly speaking, the majority of professional ABM tools requires a serious budget as well as training and might not be available for small-size and mid-size businesses. We recommend employing the agency to minimize your spends and to start implementing your ABM strategy instantaneous.

Our ABM professionals are familiar and trained to use the following ABM platforms and software.

1. Demandbase ABM Platform is a comprehensive tool that is used to gather data about the target audience, tract account progress through the marketing funnel, and measure success.
2. Terminus is a well-designed account-based marketing platform that assists us in running ABM at scale with activated sales, reporting, and targeted outreach.
3. RollWorks address the needs of our clients with best-in-class ABM programs by empowering teams to identify their target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program effectiveness.

addtwelve marketing team has access to the above tools to automate and execute ABM strategies for our clients. Each of these tools is commonly used to provide B2B data enrichment, AI-based predictive analytics and recommendations, interaction management, ABM infrastructure and orchestration.

Allow us to help your business with ABM efforts

While working with your company, addtwelve can help aligning your sales and marketing with our account-based marketing strategies. Our ABM solutions are designed to improve your entire B2B marketing experience and to accelerate the account acquisition process at your business.

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