The rebranding for AddTwelve

Rebranding and renaming of addtwelve agency
All cobblers go barefoot and the majority of digital marketing agencies never upgrade their brands. addtwelve did not want to be among them. In 2016 our design team per stakeholders' request came up with a rebranding plan to improve agency's image and highlight its values brighter.

add12 / addtwelve as a brand was invented by our co-founders in 2014. Its name has several meanings and stays for "Let us add an additional 12 hours to your business performance!" as well as "advertised digitally 12 months in a row!" It is important to mention, that twelve is the smallest abundant number, since it is the smallest integer for which the sum of its proper divisors (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 16) is greater than itself. Twelve is a sublime number, a number that has a perfect number of divisors, and the sum of its divisors is also a perfect number. Our team appreciate that number and consider it the luckiest.

add12 website - 1st version located on

Initially, our first website was designed back in 2014 to generate leads and to present some of our services to prospects and clients. The website did the job well but our CEO - Carl Westphal wanted more. We got a task to adjust the brand slightly and to switch to a different color scheme.

The research we did in 2015 demonstrated that the majority of our website visitors were mobile users, and prefer images rather than text.

Second version of add12's website, made for mobile devices

Thereby, our designers had made an upgrade for our website to present our core values, list all of our services plus the solutions.

In 2016 addtwelve's team was getting bigger and we became certified experts in inbound marketing, so we needed to make a serious renovation for our brand in general. Further, some of our customers confessed that it was inconvenient to type the name of the agency on a smartphone. To google add12 on a mobile device the keyboard needs to be switched. In addition to that, a lot of people spelled our agency's name as addtwelve (surprise!). Having analyzed such insights, Andrey Palagin - our SEM expert has proposed to rename the agency to addtwelve Digital Marketing Services and to use add12 as its secondary or the alternative spelling.

add12 has become addtwelve Digital Marketing

As time went on, we realized that our main website can serve lead generation purposes no longer. According to inbound methodology, the agency has to educate its customers first, tells prospects about its recent projects rather than selling the services online. Actually, a digital marketing agency should do it anyway, but dedicated websites with a designated content have to serve lead generation purposes. This how we have come to the conclusion that our main website will work online as the portfolio together with our digital marketing services description.

The most recent version of addtwelve's website on iPad Pro screen

addtwelve Digital Marketing team keeps listening to its clients' voice and improving the website by adding more values to its content. It is silly to talk about the results yet, we have started following our way with the modern B2B digital marketing approach and expect it will lead us to tremendous success in our marketing niche.

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