Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) remains one of the most important services provided by addtwelve Digital Marketing agency. We use the major component of SEM - paid search, such as pay per click (PPC), to achieve a client's performance goal promptly. Gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines is used by our team to create a stable lead flow for our client in a term of weeks.

Our SEM service provides businesses with a turn-key solution designed to...
  • increase website visibility in search engines results pages;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • get high-quality traffic for the website faster;
  • obtain phone calls from potential customers;
  • generate leads for the sales team;
  • gain purchase orders on an e-commerce website.

It is important to mention that SEM consists of multiple digital marketing services and includes SEO as well as other search marketing tactics. At addtwelve we consider Search Engine Marketing as a comprehensive internet marketing activity that increases a site's visibility through organic (earned) search engines results and advertising.

As part of a Search Engine Marketing project, addtwelve delivers...
  • search engine optimization (as well as keywords research);
  • content and landing pages development;
  • paid search campaigns set-up and management;
  • audiences remarketing;
  • weekly performance reporting.

Search Engine Marketing strategies developed by addtwelve are target ROMI based and aimed to provide maximum performance with reasonable spends.
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What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

In the days of a high volume of internet traffic, when 3/4 of customers journey stays on a digital side, Search engine marketing, or SEM, remains one of the most effective ways to grow the business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
According to Wikipedia and "The State of Search Engine Marketing 2006":
Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

Some experts alternatively refer Search Engine Marketing to a paid search or pay per click (PPC).

What are SEM benefits?

Nowadays the majority of new visitors to a website find it by conducting a query on a search engine. Very often such an activity demonstrates the real intents of that audience, this can be used to generate more marketing qualified leads and sell more items online. Besides this, addtwelve highlight 3 important benefits of SEM.

Intent-based targeting approach

Search engine marketing allows businesses to engage the audience based on their intends. If the intent is relevant to the content on the website, such an audience is more likely to perform desirable action on a website.

Prompt result

Paid search - the core component of SEM, allows increasing the website's visibility in search engines results almost immediately, therefore businesses can get the traffic they need and convert it to leads in a term of days.

Incoming traffic management ability

SEM allows controlling how, when and to whom your website is visible in search engine result page. With PPC your ads can be seen by the desired audience only. The quality of incoming traffic can be controlled with multiple criteria, such as geographic, demographics, ad scheduling, device exclusions and more.


There is a simple difference between SEO and SEM. Search Engine Optimization remains an inalienable part of Search Engine Marketing. SEO is a process of optimizing your website for better rankings in the search results when SEM stays beyond that. It includes the components of paid search, display ads, including remarketing activity, and also SMM (social media marketing) in some cases.

How SEM works?

Search engines use intricate algorithms to guarantee the most relevant results are delivered for each search. It also considers location, device and other available information. When PPC is in use, the ads appear in the prominent locations - at the top of search engine results pages, to gain more visibility than the organic results. Such paid listings are often more relevant to a specific query, which makes it more likely to be clicked. However, they can be less trusted by the audience than the organic search results. That should explain why addtwelve Digital Marketing team is aimed to place a client's website in both results - paid and organic. When a website is listed several times on the same SERP the possibility of click tremendously grows.
From the marketer’s perspective, SEM is a self-serve operated service that can be also managed by the agency on the majority of search engines via appropriate tools.
When our experts setting-up a campaign within a search engine, they usually do the following:

1. Keyword research conduction according to the intents of the audience;
2. Determine the budget for the digital marketing campaign based on the client's goals and keyword traffic volume;
3. Content development based on high traffic volume keywords;
4. Creating a copy for the text-based ads to display in the search results and display banners for the remarketing campaign;
5. Setting criteria for the audience to serve the ads to;
6. Setting up the campaign and bidding on a price that needs to be paid for each click on the ad;
7. Optimizing PPC settings as well as content on the landing pages for higher conversion rate;
8. Retargeting the relevant audience that visited the website but bounced (not performed a desirable action) with the display ad-based remarketing campaign;
9. Enhance the ongoing campaign for target ROMI or CPA.

addtwelve Digital Marketing agency considers Search engine marketing as the most efficient way to spend marketing dollars that brings the main percentage of traffic to businesses' websites over the globe.

SEM platforms and tools

In most cases, Search engine marketing tools are provided by search engines and the best of them includes:

1. Google Ads, also known as AdWords, - an online advertising platform produced by Google;
2. Microsoft Ads or Bing Ads - search engine marketing and audience solutions that are used on Bing and Yahoo to help to promote a business;
3. Yandex. Direct is a one-stop platform for posting contextual and display advertising on Yandex network;
4. Baidu Ads - The simplest PPC advertising solutions designed specifically for Chinese-speaking audience;
5. Naver Ads - a PPC platform that is designed and used in Korea to achieve the clients' goals on that market.

In addition to these SEM platforms addtwelve's team also leverages the following tools:

1. Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick) that brings together the power of ad technology & analytics all in one place;
2. Adobe Advertising Cloud - a professionals solution by Adobe that unifies and automates all media campaigns;
3. Serpstat knows as all in one SEM platform that provides comprehensive functionality for digital marketing experts;
4. WordStream Advisor is another good marketing tool that helps businesses cover Keyword Research and Management for SEM campaign.

We are of service to your SEM needs

Our team is excited to learn more about your digital marketing needs and challenges that SEM could be a good fit for. Search Engine Marketing empowers the greater number of businesses and supports a plurality of companies to achieve their goals in the competitive markets.

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